Surrey Langley SkyTrain will decrease commute times, help keep the region connected and revitalize urban neighbourhoods.

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Reduce Congestion

More people using public transit means fewer vehicles on the road.

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Increase Transit Network Capacity

SkyTrain can help meet long-term ridership demand along key corridors.

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Transform Communities

More transit options provide choice for commuters and helps create more livable communities.

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Protect the Environment

SkyTrain runs on electricity with no operating emissions, reducing greenhouse gases and the region's dependency on fossil fuels.

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Create Economic Growth and Jobs

Major transit infrastructure projects help grow our economy by spurring development and land-use change, and creating diverse jobs opportunities.

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Meet Federal, Provincial and Regional Goals

Improve transit to help facilitate sustainable regional growth.

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Assure Reliability and Safety

With grade-separated tracks, travel times remain consistent. TransLink's on-time performance rate for SkyTrain is 95% or better!

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